Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We went to Cachoeira to celebrate "O dia da Boa Morte"
The day of good death is a candoble festival.

FICA and Nzinga academies made a roda in honor of this day.
We had a good time during the roda. Everybody played really good and every game was very interesting.

I played also with M. Valmir and with girl from Nzinga. No comments. I should train, train and train.

The fest was really nice. Samba, capoeira, black people in white closes.

Cachoeira is a place of birth of capoeira and city of candoble.
Cachoeira is one of the oldest city here.

Really nice town on the river. In old days people used to sail on this river to Salvador.

People more calm here than in Salvador. I've been resting in Cachoeira. Salvador makes me nervous a bit - a lot of people you don't know what they can do with you.

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