Wednesday, September 3, 2008

food on kilograms

Here a lot of places where you can find food on kilograms.
It's like a fastfood. You take a plate where you can put anything they offer and later the plate will be weighed and you should pay depending on how much you took

It doesn't matter you took fish, meat or watermelon.

I've even found one icecream-on-kilograms place.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

hostel in Salvador

Now I live on hostel in Pelorinho - historic place of Salvador.

The room has a view on the other building - on it's back =).
But I have hot water and sound of landing aircraft.

Breakfast is included but I haven't tried yet - had to go Coutos early in the morning.


The buses are crazy here.

The cars are new and the drivers are really fast.

They rides 2-3 times faster than in Kiev.


Everything is closed on Sundays.
Only some pubs or restaurants - places for tourists.

No people on the streets.

The town is empty.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

twenty-four hours

The sun rises here at ~6 a.m. and sets at ~6 p.m.

It's completely dark at 6 p.m.

Almost everything is closed after the sunset.

And this happens everyday of the year.

I'm not used for such schedule. I feel the summer here because of the weather and sunrise but the sun sets like in winter in Ukraine. Weird.


Here you can try fresh juice from anything: from oranges, mamão, abacaxi, lemons, bananas, cacao, graviola, beetroot, mango, watermelon, melon and many other fruits and vegetables.

They can mix different fruits and vegetables and add milk.


This is really nice.


After the fest in Cachoeira we moved to Valença
M. Cobrinha has fazenda there.

The place is really nice. Cobrinha has a lot of land there.
We had an opportunity to train with mestre and to work in the field =)

We helped to plant different plants, gather manure and helped to do many other things.

Besides that we walked in jungles, eat fruits from the trees: cacao, bananas, coconuts, graviola, jaco, jambo, carambol, lemons and oranges. Tried sugar cane. Very sweet and has a lot of water.
We saw how is growing pineapple, black pepper, cinnamon and cloves. And more and more.

The most interesting thing was when we went to get beribas for vergas.
We went through deep(for me at least) jungles, looking for good beribas to cut them for vergas.
I cut one and looks like it's going to be gunga. Very interesting experience. The jungles are really dangerous - the forest protects itself. There is not a lot of animals, but plants are really dangerous - with thorns, sticky ant tricky.

People are really nice there. Always saying "Hello" and smiling.

We had trainings and a small roda there.
Sharon, girl from Israel joined the trainings and roda. The interesting thing that she fell in love with the guy from Brazil and decided to to stay here. They have some land there and building a house.
Although she didn't traing for some time she is a good capoerista.